NOTICE: RBK has closed its doors.

We'd like to thank all our customers, friends and fans for their kind support. Though the company is officially dissolved, Griz and I will still do our best to honor our any warranties.

We also have some inventory left, though not much. A couple of our new Pig framelocks, and we may have a few Pig linerlocks as well. Our E-Mail will always work, please contact us if you are interested.


Man where to start!!! I found out a few months ago that Sean Coulter(AKA Griz) FINALLY started making knives. I've known Griz since 2004, when I showed up at a few knife forums. I've always valued his opinion on knives and bladecraft. I started doing some research on Red Blade Knives and their flagship PIG. The more I saw pictures the more I liked it. I acquired one and now I'm going to talk about it.

First off, this knife is a BEAST. It's quarter inch thick! That's one of the first things I noticed, how thick the blade is. The PIG is a no frills folder, designed for work. One look tells you that. The rough tumbled finish and standard G10 scales aren't showy at all. The liners are the same way. Functional, not flashy. The whole knife screams "USE ME!!!!" Everything about it says it would be at home in the mountains of Afghanistan, streets of Ramadi, or anywhere you need a functional folder for daily hard use. The things I like about it are many. The blade shape with swedge, the handle itself creates a solid feeling when you hold it. The jimping helps in this too. The action on it is smooth. Unlike some other knives I have that are just NOT smooth. I simply cannot say enough good things about this knife. Now for the other side. The ONLY things I can say bad about the PIG are actually being rectified with the Gen2. The screws holding it together, and the pocket clip screws seemed out of place considering the subdued tone of everything else. With the pics of the Gen2 though those things have been fixed. Overall this knife is just badass. When I deploy next this will definitely come with me. When I deploy I need a knife that will be easy to keep clean, not be flashy, and be able to handle the tasks I need it for. The PIG is easily one of the top three knives I'll take with me next time. If Red Blade Knives ever does a larger version then I'm all over it.


SSgt Sean Kerby

0369 Infantry Unit Leader USMC


I got them [a new set of scales] this morning. I'm a 911 dispatch supervisor that works nights. I wanted to say thank you. I got them on the knife when I got home and everything worked out great. Do you guys have a mailing address. I wanted to send you a thank you. What you did was above and beyond in my book. Like I said. I have a rather intesive knive collection spanning 20 years and almost 400 knives. Your folder in my book has almost perfect ergos and the perfect size for edc. Thank you once again for an amazing knife!




Ps looking forward to your up and coming products!