NOTICE: RBK has closed its doors.

We'd like to thank all our customers, friends and fans for their kind support. Though the company is officially dissolved, Griz and I will still do our best to honor our any warranties.

We also have some inventory left, though not much. A couple of our new Pig framelocks, and we may have a few Pig linerlocks as well. Our E-Mail will always work, please contact us if you are interested.

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Our Company

Red Blade Knives was conceived in early 2012, and is the brainchild of two long time friends, Dan Rotblatt and Sean ‘Griz’ Coulter. Dan has been a knifemaker and bladesmith for over 30 years, while Griz is well known in the knife community, and has worked with many of the greatest knifemakers of our time.

Once the idea was born, Dan quickly put together some initial design ideas and made some prototypes. As they discussed their options, the company’s design philosophy started to emerge, “Let the knife's purpose define the design.” Dan drew out dozens of design possibilities, and because of Griz’s close connections with the military, it was decided that our first knife would be aimed at the military and law enforcement. The design process narrowed down to a 'Grunt’ capable knife built as a rugged beast rather then just another pretty blade…the ‘Pig’ was born. The most important feature of a field knife is that it cannot fail; it has to be ‘Tough.’ Neither Dan nor Griz do anything halfway! So Griz, loving ‘Big’ and ‘Thick’ and ‘Strong’ pushed that to the limits. Dan focused on the ergonomics and function, making sure it’s performance matched its strength.

By mid-2012, Red Blade started to explore a variety of avenues for production, and after several expensive disappointments it was decided that in order to have complete control over quality and time, we needed to purchase our own CNC mill… In February of 2013 we did, and since that time have been working like good little ‘Mill Monkeys’ to produce knives and refine our techniques.

Our knives are made completely in our studio here in California. ·The only two processes we send out are water-jet cutting the blanks and heat-treating the blades. Both of these are done here in the USA. (Though we do heat-treat our own stop pins, pivots and prototypes.). The quality of our materials is very important to us! We use S30V steel for the Pig, and CPM154 for the Wasp. Our liners are all 6AL-4V titanium. Handle slabs for the ‘Pig’ are coarse textured G10 in OD green, Black, or Tan.

For us, the creation of a knife is a careful multi-step process. Each step is discussed. We draw a number of design sketches, and then examine the pros and cons of each. Paper cutouts and milled mock-ups are used to get a feel for the size and shape. ·Once decided and refined, a hand-made prototype is constructed and scrutinized. At this point Dan models the design, along with any new changes using 3D CAD software. Here the blade can be moved in virtual space, the position of the detent, stop pin and pivot can be shifted and verified. The code for the mill is generated from the virtual parts and they are cut out to create our second prototype. In addition, tooling plates must be made, computer code for the mill tweaked and tested for problems, and final fit and finish resolved. Once all that is done, if we’re satisfied, a limited number of knives are made. This is our last set of prototypes, and gives us the opportunity to make sure that we can make all the parts consistently, as well as acting as a further check for errors. Once this is done we can start making the knives in earnest. The parts are milled on our machine, and then finished by us by hand. The blades are hand ground and sharpened by Dan and the area of each blade on which the washers will rest is mirror polished to give the knife the smoothest action possible. Finally, we assemble every knife personally, with the final action being set by Griz.


Who Are We?

a~Dan Rotblatt has been fascinated by knives since he was a child. When traveling in Europe with his family at the age of 10, he bought a pocketknife from each country. In the late ‘70’s he became interested in medieval reenactment – primarily as an excuse to make knives, swords and armor. It was here he made his first knife, building a side draft coal forge with several friends. For the next 20 years he made and sold both historical and modern knives and swords at venues from custom knife shows to renaissance faires. During that time he became interested in early metallurgical techniques and experimented with pattern welding, carburizing iron to forge weld into Damascus steel, and Japanese clay heat treating techniques among others. In order to make quillions and pommels, he learned how to cast and built a small foundry.

Always involved in art, Dan’s interest turned towards fine arts, and he expanded on his casting abilities and started to make sculptures in bronze and stone. He cast his sculptures in house from bronze using sand casting or ceramic shell molds. These sculptures measure up to 8’ tall and can weigh over 100 lbs. In 2005 he earned a master of fine arts degree and taught a Bronze Foundry for Sculptors and Mold Making classes at California State University in Long Beach. But knifemaking has always been close to his heart, and in early 2012, he presented the idea of forming a knife making company with his friends Griz and Robi and Red Blade Knives was born. Dan lives in Topanga, California with his 10-year-old son.


a1~Sean ‘GRIZ’ Coulter is a grumpy old bear with a very loud voice!

He is happily married to the most wonderful woman in the world! And is the proud second father of two great sons, both very talented musicians! One is an electrician, and the other, an Army Ranger, disabled in Iraq.

Having lived all over the world, he's done many types of jobs from dive-boat crewmember to ditch digger. From waiter to bartender and back again. Cabinet-maker to general contractor. Bouncer to security analyst. Martial arts Instructor to personal trainer. And always a general dogsbody.

He was also honored to serve as a supervisor for Operation Gratitude, sending packages to troops overseas, for many years!

Griz is a tool using creature, and has a life long love of knives! He has also been lucky enough to spend time in the company of many of the great knife-makers of our time! Men like, Bob Terzuola, Ernest Emerson, Mick Strider, Jerry Hossom, Tom Mayo, Bill Harsey, Pat Crawford and Brian Fellhoelter, just to name a few!

Now that he’s too old to bounce around the world getting into trouble, he and his old friend, Daniel Rotblatt have decided to do some real work and make knives! Hopefully some of the greatness that he’s been able to rub shoulders with, has rubbed off on him… We’ll see!


~Robi Mukherjee, one of our original partners, has sadly decided to leave the business.


Contact info at "info at" Red Blade Knives, a maker of fine folding knives. Made in the USA. Tactical Folders, Knives, CPM 154, CPM 3V, Titanium Liners, Textured G10 grips, military utility knife.